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This is me at a Panera in St. Louis, getting ready to conduct an interview with Harmony Gold representative Tommy Yune. (Click pic for larger version.) The interview took half an hour, and was pretty cool; I tried not to ask some of the same things I knew he'd been asked before in other interviews.

The interview can be heard in episode #58 of the RDF Underground podcast; or downloaded and played separately. Some interesting stuff came out about the future of the Robotech franchise, although of course there was a lot Tommy couldn't say. He shot the photo at right with his digital camera; there are some other photos, some also of me, at his photo gallery of the film festival event.

How was Shadow Chronicles? Pretty good. It wasn't perfect; it had just a few flaws, the largest of which was that there wasn't enough time in a 90-minute movie to focus adequately on all the new characters. I would like to have seen the same events covered by about eight 22-minute TV episodes, to provide more time for characterization. I'll post a more detailed review on my essay journal or as part of RDF Underground soon enough. But by and large, it was a great experience and a worthy successor to Robotech. If I had the opportunity to see it again I would do so immediately. February 6th cannot come soon enough.
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I'm sorta out of the loop. How exactly does the Shadow Chronicles fit in with the rest of the series, or does it?
It starts simultaneously with the last two episodes of the original series, showing the events that occurred there from the returning REF fleet's perspective, and then continues from there.

You can see the trailer at the official site. DVD release by Funimation tentatively scheduled for February 6th; it's screening at various film festivals right now.
Here's a direct link to the trailer since it's hard to navigate to it from the official site.
So, it's inbetween the Robotech Masters/Invid invasion series?
No, it's overlapping with the tail end of New Generation and continuing after it.
Oh, I see. ok.